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10 Things About the @ Symbol

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The @ symbol luggage tag from Inventive Travelware is one of our favorites, but we didn't know much about it other than the use in email addresses. Here are 10 things we discovered in our research:

  1. The @ symbol has been inducted into the permanent Museum of Modern Art collection.
  2. The earliest known reference was in a religious document where @ replaced A in Amen. This document resides in the Vatican Apostolic Library.
  3. Historically it has been used in Spanish and Portuguese as an abbreviation of a unit of weight called arroba - equal to 25 lbs in Spain and 32 lbs in Portugal.
  4. It was not included on early typewriters, but was added around 1900 to the Underwood No. 5.
  5. It is called the snail in Italian.
  6. The Dutch call it monkey tail.
  7. In Italian, the symbol represents one amphora, a unit of weight and volume based upon the capacity of the standard amphora jar.
  8. It is used in accounting on commercial invoices as to abbreviate " at a rate of".
  9. A mercantile document from the 16th century is said to show the the price of an @ of wine in Peru connected to commerce done with Pizarro.
  10. Inventive Travelware offers the @ Luggage Tags in a variety of colors. Offered this weeks stock up  shop now