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Do you like to review the your travels, your favorite tourist activities, restaurants or hotels? Or do you want to find out what other travelers find interesting on their travels. is a fun new review website where you can become a travel guide or read reviews of other travelers experiences. We looked up things to do in Portland and found fun information on:

  • Pedal Bike Tours
  • Fork Town Food Tours
  • Oregon Zoo
  • Secrets of Portlandia
  • Brewvana
  • Wine tours
  • Walking tours
  • Segway tours

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To read more about read this press release from 7th Space Interactive:

ThingsTooDo Launches Global Trip Review Platform

Wilmington, DE: Scaling a lean-startup from a sustainable business to take a true entrepreneurial grit. ThingsTooDo™ ( is a travel review website where users can leave their opinions, trip advice, ranking and photos from their recent travel activities.

Loui Byrdziak is one of the co-founders of ThingsTooDo. Asked about why he felt the need for another travel review website, he replied, “There is a huge scam on the internet of inaccurate reviews which mislead unwary travelers. Today, those do-it-yourself travelers wants an easy, organized and straightforward approach to online reviews on travel activities and attractions. They want honest real life travel experiences of destinations throughout the world. ThingTooDo provides users with an alternative to larger review websites, with an easy to navigate user interface which includes activities trip advice, opinions, rankings, filters, photos, address, email and a direct link to the attraction.”

ThingsTooDo has an easy user interface to create and evaluate destination activities. It brings the travel advice of travelers and local guides together to help other travelers find the best things to do for their upcoming trips. Travelers can share real life stories based on their experiences, activities, tours and excursions by posting reviews from their recent travel. We plan millions of online reviews, trip advice, opinions, photos, ratings and maps for tens of thousands of travel activity and destinations. Users can refer to these online travel reviews to plan their travel itinerary with the best local knowledge and travel experiences available, including photos of each of the reviews. Photos are important for travelers in order to determine the authenticity of each review.

ThingsTooDo turns traveler and local guides trip advice into a helpful travel destination community for all travelers to benefit. It is designed to have a notable distinction from other travel review websites which exist of posts without real experiences photos from travelers.

ThingsTooDo goal is to become the second-opinion for travel reviews and trip advice when travelers are planning and booking their trip. Where travelers can not only read about each activity in a particular destination, but they can also link directly to each of the activities.

About ThingsTooDo
ThingsTooDo™ ( is an online travel review website that gives travelers numerous trip advice to organize, plan and augment their trips. ThingsTooDo has millions of traveler reviews and photos from various travel destinations worldwide. ThingsTooDo also provides a link to other websites for easy bookings. With the easy user interface of ThingsTooDo, travelers can conveniently organize, filter and rank reviews, opinions and photos for a more efficient planning of their preferred travel activities and destinations.