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These Clever Bag Tags Help You Spot Your Luggage

Posted By: Christopher Brandon 0 Comment Luggage

Luggage has undergone a renaissance during the last decade, thanks to the emergence of polycarbonate, spinner wheels, and smart features. Yet, when bags start pouring down the luggage carousel, they’re nearly indistinguishable, a sea of black suitcases.

Identifying your bags quickly is essential to avoiding luggage thieves and getting out of the airport in a hurry. One of the oldest and most reliable travel hacks is to tie a brightly colored ribbon to your bag’s handle so that it stands out in the crowd. You could also replace your black bags with luggage that is an unusual color or pattern such as orange or leopard print.

If you do own a rectangular black bag that looks like all the others on the carousel, attaching a clever bag tag to the handle can help you identify it faster. Plus, it adds personality and may make other weary travelers smile. Here are some bag tags to consider.

Inventive Travelware Luggage TagsHere’s one way to ensure your bags are handled carefully: Attach an “I love baggage handlers” tag. This humorous bag tag is one of many made by Inventive Travelware, which specializes in smart-ass luggage tags. Other options: “Not Yours” and “WTF are you doing with my bag?”

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