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Luggage Tags For Retail Shops

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Retailers wanted - Inventive Travelware's extensive luggage tag assortment offers something for everyone. We have fixture assortment programs for all type of shops. Consumers love our products - you will have fun selling.

  • gift shops
  • luggage stores
  • travel agencies
  • airport stores
  • bookstores
  • golf shops
  • hotel gift shops
  • drug stores
  • food/wine shops
  • knitting/yarn stores
  • christian stores
  • package shipping stores
  • party supply stores
  • limo services

to get started complete the retailer registration form and we will get you set up quickly so that you will be in stock for holiday shoppers looking for fun stocking stuffers, secret santa gifts and party favors.

email or call 207.439.4088 if you have any questions

initial luggage tags    luggage tags funny

         Initial Luggage Tags                                             Funny Luggage Tags