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What information should you put on your luggage tag?

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Inventive Travelware designs fun, cute, bright luggage tags to help the traveler quickly spot their bags on the airport carousel. Each tag included a removable ID information card for name, address, phone and email address.

If you wish to keep your information private, simply place the card information side down in the window on the back of the tag.

We have collected some tips from travel experts that you may find helpful.

If you have a tag that you are unable to place the information side down, it is suggested that you limit the information you do provide for your security. For example, if you are able to use a PO Box or your work address do so, that way you are less likely to be a target of home robbery while traveling. It is also better to list a cell or work phone number rather than your home number. Another good idea is to create a free email account, just to use for this purpose.

The US State department warns Americans traveling in countries that may have anti American feelings, it may be best not to put anything on your bags that would identify you as American. 

But with IT's tags you can conceal the information by putting the card information side down in the window to keep the wrong eyes from your information.

Wherever you are going, Inventive Travelware has a vast assortment of luggage tags - something for everyone.

If you like a classic monogram look, check out our initial luggage tags, we offer six alphabet collections: Lower CaseUpper CaseFunnyDotsScript and Calligraphy.

initial luggage tags upper case

 Perhaps you want to spread a few chuckles on your journey, Inventive Travelware has a HUGE assortment of funny luggage tags.

For example one of the most popular collections - Definitions

Definitions cute luggage tags

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