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People in America really love to express themselves about everything.... philosophies, attitudes, hobbies, politicians, heroes and see those expressions everyday on t-shirts, baseball caps, bumper stickers and body art.

Since you probably own 1-15 bags and many are black...we have 45 clever, humorous and edgy luggage tag collections that allow you to express your individual personality on one or several of your bags

46 travel luggage tag collections to choose from..our staff loves to create these expressive luggage ID tags and we offer them for your use,enjoyment and pleasure. Some people just love to collect them. Included in our extensive assortment we have 6 Alphabet Luggage Tag Collections. Personalize your bags with our Inital Bag Tags. Check our site often for new offerings

And we are not just about luggage and bag tags, we offer quality travel accessories that are easily identifiable, clever and affordable. From our collections of alphabets to our humorous tags and wedding luggage tag gift sets, our ever expanding line is the perfect gift, party favor, stocking stuffer or personal statement to add to your bag. From the office, to the gym, to the golf course or for travel to Timbukto, our accessories will last for years. You’ll find our collections online and in over 1300 stores in the USA and Canada.  

the company

Based in historic Eliot, Maine, Inventive Travelware was born out of our background in the luggage and travelware business (over 50 years) the love for travel (well maybe not the planes, trains and automobiles) and our desire to infuse some humor along the way.In our minds, travel is about going from point A to point B and our goal is to offer you fun luggage tags and  travel accessories that organize, protect and identify your possessions between those two points. In addition we hope to lighten this journey with style, humor, whimsy and good cheer.

Inventive Travelware Leader


  Richard Costa                

richard costa  

Richard has been in the business of designing and selling travel products for over 35 years. As founder of Briggs & Riley Travelware, Richard quickly built the upscale brand by listening to the consumer and catering to the independent specialty retailer. In addition to his creative talents, Richard has spent many years on the road representing numerous luggage and travel product manufacturers. In his spare time he enjoys sports, politics, cooking with garlic unusual stats and anything to do with numbers.

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If you have any questions upon reviewing the website, please do not hesitate to contact us via email or you may call us at (207) 439-4088.

Email: [email protected] 

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Richard & Joni